Don’t ask why me, and get stuck in the past.

Look back only to find the cause, then move forward to find the solution

If we aspire happiness, we can choose to be happy, regardless of is happening around us.

A healthy positive, happy, mind can surmount all obstacles.

We are more than behaviour

We are human beings, who develop behaviour patterns according to experiences acquired with our senses in a pre-vocabulary stage of life.

We are beings of Light. We cannot change who we are.

We can change our behaviour!

We program the brain.

When emotional judgments cloud perception, the program becomes corrupted.

The path               is      LOVE

The way                      is     LOVE

The means                 is     LOVE

The journey                 is     LOVE

The vehicle             is     LOVE

The destination           is     LOVE

                 LOVE is GOD

                            GOD is LOVE